We’re nearly squeaky clean!

Ben and I have been researching the net for a while now, searching for our cruelty free household and cosmetics stuff. Well, we’ve pretty much succeeded in our goal there. I think 99% of our bathroom things are now animal friendly. I went to M&S and had a spend up on make-up and then I went to Pure Nuff Stuff and had another spend up on soaps….And then I went to Co-op….and didn’t have a spend up! I was so impressed – I needed a new shampoo because my Lush solid bar was [unfortunately] making my hair greasy. So I drove to the little Co-op in the next village where I found tCo-operative Toothpasteheir most basic shampoo (BUAV approved) – it was under a pound! Then to top it off I bought their toothpaste… 70p! Wow.  I am incredibly tight with money and believe that anything over £4.00 is expensive (it’s a hereditary thing).  But believe it or not, the shampoo is actually quite nice (it’ll do for me – it was under a pound!!) and the toothpaste is really nice.

The thing I was most pleased about changing was my make-up. Most people are aware that “make-up” is tested on animals. I was quite worried about changing, as I really did love the Boots No7 range. I’d been using it since I was about 18 and even though it’s expensive (it WAS more than £4.00…) I did indulge myself. BUT…It isn’t approved so out it went! I went to Marks and bought myself some foundation, a mascara, a duo eye shadow and an eye liner. It came to about £30 with a few other bits and pieces. I know that sounds a lot, but I’ve bought it now, and replenishing bits every month or so is going to be something like five or six quid.

Being a former purchaser of Boots No7 products I was used to beautiful packaging and sumptuous names, but M&S make-up just says what it is – no faffing. It’s a bit plain to look at and doesn’t make you think – ‘wow – I need that, it looks lovely!’ – but then that’s just me being a marketing dream. The products themselves are pretty good; the foundation is alright – it feels quite oily when I put it on but after that I don’t notice it. It seems to stay on all day; I have a tendency to rub my face when I’m tired (so that’s all the time) and I don’t look like death when I get home, so that’s good. I’d give it an 8/10. The  eyeshadow is really nice. It’s a duo, so light and dark brown are my colours. 9/10 for that. Eye liner. Now – I bought a pencil eyeliner to start with. It was nice: very easy to apply, stayed on most of the day, BUT… make one little mistake on your eye and you will not be able to get rid of it! It’s like permanent marker! And one morning I needed to sharpen it – bad idea. My pencil sharpener is now clogged up with eye liner… So I’d give that a 5/10. I bought a liquid liner the other day though, and that is great. Dries really quickly and the applicator is long so you can see what you’re doing. 9/10 for that. Onto the mascara…well, I’m very fussy with that anyway. I have rubbish eyelashes and need lots of oomph to make me look like I’m 23 and not 43. This didn’t live up to expectations. My lashes seemed to flop after about 2 hours. I give it 3/10. All in all, the products are pretty good. It’s all about trial and error with stuff like that, so I’m sure I’ll find something to suit my awful eyelashes.

I bought a face wash and a hair & body bar from Pure Nuff Stuff a few weeks ago. I found a page on their website which listed ‘The Dirty Dozen’. All the nasty chemicals that go into our cosmetics. Nasty. I’d heard good things about Pure Nuff Stuff, so decided to try their Moisturewash. Ben wasn’t getting on with my M&S creamy face wash, and I found this. It contains no SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which is the thing that makes products foam. According to a lot of people SLS is bad for your health as the molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin. Eurgh! I bet if you look on your shampoo, soap…anything that foams – it will have SLS at the top of its ingredients list. Mine do. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day… So my moisturewash arrived along with the hair & body bar. The latter does what it says it does. Not heavily perfumed, all natural ingredients… lovely. The moisturewash – well. It’s really nice. And it takes my make-up off better than commercial ones. My skin does feel a little tight afterwards, but hey. Well done PNS! I shall be purchasing again soon.

All in all pretty good products. See it’s not that hard to change, is it?










L-R Co-op shampoo, Co-op deodorant, M&S moisturiser, M&S eye pencil, M&S mascara, M&S liquid liner, M&S foundation, M&S facewash, M&S eyeshadow duo, Pure Nuff Stuff moisturewash, Lush Flying Fox shower gel, M&S lime shower gel. At the front on the left is (the remains of)  Lush shampoo bar and on the right is Pure Nuff Stuff body and hair bar.

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