Ethical Kitty Nibbles?

So Ben and I had been doing our research on an ethical pet food. Probably wasn’t going to completely possible, as the animals that go into it aren’t going to have lived free range or have died in an acceptable way.  But kitties need to eat, and we weren’t prepared to make them go veggie!

We had previously been feeding ours on Go-Cat for Indoor cats, never actually looking at what’s inside the kibbles. It was only after a trip to Pets at Home that we found their Purely range of food with 40% meat in it. This was opposed to Go-cat having around 2%. Yes, that low! Eurgh.

We immediately bought some of this Purely food, and were initially really pleased with it. All the cats had lovely shiny fur and seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately about a week into feeding them their new food, Diesel began to have a very, very loose tummy. After a day of Ben cleaning poo off the carpet every ten minutes (I had a bad back that day!), we decided that the new food wasn’t agreeing with Diesel and a new one would have to be found.

A few days later I went shopping in Sainsburys and decided to see what was on offer in the pet foods. I picked up a Sainsburys brand out of desperation, went to the till and at the last-minute realised I picked up Senior food. Bugger. Off I went back to the aisle and in the corner of my eye I spotted a small bag hidden next to all the Go-cat rubbish. Vets Kitchen…£4.99 for 800g. Quite expensive, I thought. Then I saw the PETA logo – Not tested on animals. In the trolley it went!

We’ve now been feeding the kitties on Vets Kitchen for a couple of weeks now and there’s been no incontinence! It’s a concentrated formula, so we only have to feed them two 20g feeds a day. Yes, it is more expensive but the meat content is still very high (42%) and it has cranberry extract for urinary tract health.

Diesel, Oscar and Merlin are all looking exceptionally shiny, and seem to be adjusting nicely to their new food. There are loose looking poos in their litter trays some days, but I should hope this will settle down soon. (I knew you wanted to know that!)

Check out Vets Kitchen.

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