590 Words on Dish Soaps…?

So as you probably know, I’ve gone veggie (See my Living Veggie blog) and have hopefully spared a few lives in the process. I did contemplate veganism as I feel so opposed to the dairy industry’s lack of respect towards its livestock (and badgers!) but I really don’t feel ready for that yet. I have drastically cut my milk consumption and am mostly using soya milk instead which is rather nice… Anyway – enough of vegetarianism and veganism! That’s for my other blog!

What news do I have? Well, I’m glad to see that Sainsburys will now be carrying the BUAV logo on its toiletries and cosmetics. Apparently rolling them out over the year, but I’ve yet to see any products yet. We do our weekly shop there as we feel it’s the most ‘responsible’ / ‘ethical’ supermarket out there. And after seeing a letter from ASDA to a concerned customer about their full backing of the proposed badger cull, I shall not be giving them any more of my money! I don’t know what Sainsbury’s stance on this subject is (maybe I should ask them?) but seeing they are a BUAV approved company now, I couldn’t imagine them backing it. But back to the subject. I do hope that they follow Co-op’s lead and get their household products BUAV approved. Ben and I struggled for about two weeks after running out of washing up liquid (bought from Co-op). We’d been to both shops in our area to find that neither had their own brand liquid, so we went to Sainsburys hoping maybe to find a Method one. Nope. Very disappointingly, I think there were three brands. Half an aisle – used by three brands! Fairy, some random brand like Daisy and their own. So I ended up having to order a Method Dish Soap online. I adore Method products; they’re stylish, kind, they smell great and they work! The one I ordered was Clementine and it’s lovely. You can also get cucumber, but I’m not a fan of them! And that’s the only criticism of Sainsbury’s – get in some more dish soap lines!!

I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday too; I have found something (at last!) that almost gets through the dratted limescale on my stainless steel sink. I found a tub of Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner lurking in the cupboard. After giving up my beloved Cillit Bang I haven’t been able to find a replacement for it, but this seems to cut through the worst. It’s a paste cleaner and if you put a bit of elbow grease into it, it does do the job. I even had to use it in my (rather neglected and limescaled) en-suite (my lovely method bathroom cleaners couldn’t even touch it…should I be admitting that??). But I’m relieved I have something to use at last!

On the beauty front, Marks & Spencer are great! Ben and I went into town the other day to run some errands and ended up in there. I needed some new shower gel as my gorgeous Lush Flying Fox one had run out. Going into their cosmetics section, we found an array of different shower gels  – all at £1.00! Being as tight as I am I gladly picked one up (only one, mind!). They have a big range of toiletries and  even have a range of perfumes and aftershaves (BUAV approved) some of which I will purchasing on payday, as I’ve missed wearing a scent.

So to sum up…Well done Sainsburys and M&S, get stuffed ASDA!

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