Astonish-ing Products

On a recent trip to BuyRights in Hadleigh I wandered into the household section, only to find myself face-to-face with an aisle of Astonish products. Previous to my boycott, I had assumed Astonish was some cruddy little brand that you might use in an emergency in place of the ‘proper’ brands. Well, I’m ashamed of my assumptions; Astonish is a family run British brand that has been going for 35 years. From what I have seen they appear to have a strong policy on ethics: They carry the leaping bunny logo (BUAV Approved) and are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

I had a little tub of their Oven & Cookware Cleaning Paste knocking around in my cupboard from when I desperately tried to clean my oven. I don’t remember the paste working at the time, but I suspect it may have been overwhelmed by the 1/2 inch of burnt cheese/sauce/oil/fat/general crap that covered the inside of my oven (Yes, I’m ashamed). So it was put away in the cupboard, never to see the light of day again. Until… I had given up my Cillit Bang and had nothing to de-scale my kitchen sink. Having little faith that it would do anything I began to scrub… To my amazement I began to see the surface of my  sink for the first time in a long time! Hooray!

Yesterday Ben told me he was going to clean the shower. This was another part of my house I had given up on (I sound really dirty/untidy don’t I?) I mean, the general cleaning was okay, but again… Limescale had invaded. My shower enclosure was opaque with it. I had tried everything previously ( including nearly killing myself with Cillit Bang while I sprayed vigorously with the shower door shut) but it didn’t seem to budge.

A-HA! I grabbed my pot of Oven and Cookware cleaner and we started scrubbing – Yes, now we can see through our shower enclosure! Marvellous. Now I don’t feel so guilty every time I look at the shower!

So faced with all these products in BuyRight, I bought a limescale remover (for kettles and irons), a cream cleaner (like Cif), a carpet shampoo and a tub of Oxy-Cleaner (like Vanish’s) for stains etc. I’ll be going back, too. We hadn’t found a replacement tablet for our dishwasher but Astonish have these in their range.

I’m really pleased that there’s a whole range of BUAV approved household products out there that are easily obtainable. And I’m pretty sure that Wilkinson’s also sell Astonish products as I bought my (miracle!) Oven paste from there.

To sum up:  Don’t judge a book by its cover…!

  1. A great read! I have posted it on our Astonish page! Thanks jade

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