Random Ramble about Cat Wee

After a few days of finding urine on the floor down in the hallway, we realised there was something up with one of the kitties. Finding which one was a bit of a guessing game, but we came to the conclusion it was Oscar. This behaviour was most unusual as on the whole, all three boys are amazingly clean. Off we trotted to the vets to be told either he has a urine infection (which is what I suspected) or he suddenly felt the trays were too dirty for him to use…! HMPH! I was given the task of obtaining a urine sample. This may sound like an easy task, but when your cat has associated his tray with pain and is now using the floor, it can be a taxing job. I spent a day placing Oscar and the tray in a room together, hoping he and it would get better acquainted. Unfortunately not. That evening Ben asked me if we could give it one more go before bed, so I traipsed downstairs and waited for my cat to do his business. On my floor. He appeared very uneasy but eventually, he dispensed and I sat in my cold hallway, in my pyjamas with a pipette, collecting urine into a small bottle. Oh, what a life!

The next day we dragged him (kicking an meowing) to the vets again and had him checked out. As the sample I’d provided wasn’t completely sterile (what did they expect!?) they couldn’t be sure he had an infection, but treated him for one anyway. I was rather disappointed when we were told he needed to eat a medicated diet for a little while in case he had crystals in his tract. This would help to disperse them. My heart sank when she bought out a big bag of Royal Canin cat food (owned by Mars). Bleurgh.

Ben and I were both thinking the same, but we really did have to buy it. I felt very disappointed in myself! I know that we have drastically cut back on the amount of unethical products we purchase but it still makes my conscience squirm if I do ever have to buy something like that.

On a positive note, he appears much brighter in himself and has started using the trays again… Phew!

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