Careless Eyes

Inspired by @RhiannonFox ‘s poetry on her blog, I decided to post an old poem I wrote a few years ago.

Thanks Rhiannon! 🙂

Careless Eyes

He is waiting for her.

He shivers into himself

as the cold spring dawn numbs him.


The watery sun rises reluctantly,

casting long shadows though the spidery trees.

He watches patiently and thoughtfully.


He remembers her warmth next to him,

so safe.

He longs for that comfort now.


Shifting anxiously,

he eyes the horizon

for any sign of her in the distance.



Further out in the bustling city,

on a busy stretch of road

a grotesque and grisly figure

is sprawled on the verge.


Her delicate is neck broken

and her graceful body

now stiffened by rigour.

They abandoned her there,

no second thoughts

for who’s waiting for her.


And they’ll all rush by without a care,

turning a blind eye to her

until she fades away forever.


Soft spiritless feathers

blow in the wind as they pass.

    • Rhiannon Fox
    • January 15th, 2012

    This is beautiful & haunting! It made me cry but thank God people like you express their hurt for us to know xx

  1. Superior information. Keep up the top notch performance.

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