The Mysterious Guin

In our house we have nicknames for our cats. Very, very silly nicknames. Our black and white cat, Diesel looks a little bit like a penguin with his glazed eyes and half-white moustache, so we nicknamed him P.Guin or Guin. I know it’s silly and probably confusing for the poor little chap, but I can’t stop myself! (Plus, I think he finds it funny!) So here’s a little bit of fun for you all, it’s a poem I wrote about our Penguin-Cat, Diesel 😀

The Mysterious Guin

Where have you been mysterious Guin?

Why where do you think?

He asked with a grin.

Been to the market or

Western Berlin?


“No”, said the Guin,

Sipping his gin.

“I’ve been down the road

To the Caravan Inn,

Where do you think

I found this lovely red tin?”


Used as a bin,

He felt it was

Such a sin,

As each time ‘twas used,

It made such a din!


So under his fin,

He tucked it tight in,

And carried it home

To sup on his gin.


So that’s where you’ve been,

Mysterious Guin!

For a moment I feared,

Your beard had been jeered,


And you’d paddled away

For the rest of the day!

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