Mama’s Weekend Off



OK… I just heard the heating come on. That means I’ve got say, twenty minutes. I can see it’s getting a little lighter outside. Can’t be long now. Maybe I’ll sit and wait by the door. Just so I’ll be on time. Nothing worse than a tardy wake-up call. They’d be rather annoyed if I stopped being so predictable. Yes. I’ll sit and wait for the signal.


Right. She should be up by now? Come on… Nobody’s moving in there! I hope they haven’t forgotten. Well. Oh, wait… I heard someth- Oh no. False alarm. But, speaking of alarms I’d better get going. Time’s moving on. I’ll start from a distance. I don’t want to startle them and make them think something’s wrong. I mean, there is something wrong, but I don’t want to make her run out thinking one of us is in trouble. I’m nice like that, you know. Considerate.


Ok, ok, this is getting silly. I can’t wait much longer. And the other two are getting impatient. I’m in charge here and I need action for my brothers! Full attack then…


Goodness, I’m going full pelt now and nothing! I can hear one of them making a sort of ‘psshhh’-ing noise. Was it aimed at me? Well if it was, then come out and say it to me and my hungry brothers! I’ll keep on at your door until I break your will. WE MUST HAVE OUR BREAKFAST!


I’ve been meowing for nearly an hour now. Oh, wait – here she comes!! Quick, if all three of us gather at the door, there’s no way she can ignore us. And if she tries to go back, I’ll push my way in with her. Good grief, she looks awful. Looks as though she’s hardly slept. Wonder why? Oh well, she’s going to the kitchen now. Better go and see she’s doing her job properly.

A-ha! I know that sound… It’s the food cupboard! At last! Breakfast is served. Thanks, Mama. You can go back to wherever you came from. You need some beauty sleep. Or a facelift.

Oscar – My daily alarm (whether I set him or not).

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