Are you bored of your nut roast?

I’m not the biggest fan of Sunday dinners. Never have been. I think I was forced to eat beef stew as a young child and since then, I avoided gravy dinners whenever I could. I favoured pizza, pasta, and all things cheesy.

But then I had to turn into a grown-up and moved in with Ben. Ben loves gravy dinners. He obviously wasn’t traumatised as a child and that meant I couldn’t just feed us both on Domino’s pizza.

I learned to cook, and did the roast beef, roast chicken etc. etc. And then we did the veggie thing. Well, we were introduced to the Nut Roast. Very nice. We aren’t lavish with our dinner ingredients — we’re quite happy with Sainsbury’s own brand nut cutlets. There are various ones to try, another nice one is by The Good Life (about which I wrote a little while back).

Then, like most things in my life, I got bored with them.

All hail Pinterest! I spend a lot of time perusing Pinterest and after looking at many vegetarian recipes, I found the Mushroom Wellington recipe. I was interested because Ben and I had recently been to a vegetarian restaurant near our home (The Veggie Red Lion) and I had had their Mushroom Wellington. It was divine.

OK, I thought. I’ll give this a go. It’ll probably taste awful, but I’ll have a go.

I ate it and liked it. Ben ate it and LOVED it. I’ve cooked it twice more since and it is lovely. One thing I would suggest though — use mini portabella mushrooms. They seem to taste better than using large portabellas. I found this purely by accident. I did my shopping online at Waitrose, ordering portabella mushrooms. They were out of stock and sent me portabellini mushrooms (to my shock at nearly £7.00!!) but they tasted awesome. For a much cheaper alternative, Sainsbury’s sell mini portabellas for £1.00 a box. Just as good.

It’s really easy to make and super tasty (even reheated). So if you’re a bit fed up of nut roasts, give this a go — it’s really worth it.

Mushroom Wellington recipe.

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