My first piece of art.

It was a few Sundays ago, and as usual, I was getting bored. Ben suggested we go for a drive to our favourite reclamation yard. I agreed and off we went. There wasn’t much new there, and it was nearing lunch-time, so what to do now? Something to eat? Where? We got in the car and Ben just drove for a while. It was a lovely day and we ended up in Framlingham. It’s about 40 minutes from our house, but we’d never been in the five years we’d lived in Suffolk. Driving through looking for a place to park, we noticed what a pretty little place it is. I mean, really pretty. Lots of little independent shops, cafés, restaurants and even a castle. We parked up and had a wander; not much was open, it being a Sunday, but it was still nice to have a good shufty. After ambling alongside all the restaurants and cafés we settled on a pub just next to the Castle. I forget what it was called, but we sat in the sun and had a baguette each.

As we’d driven in a little vintage shop had caught my eye — Carley’s Yard. Yes, we must go in there, I thought. So after lunch we walked down and found it again. Inside were lots of little vintage knick-knacks and pretty things. As we walked to the back of the shop, we found ourselves in a little art gallery, full of the most beautiful animal prints. Ben instantly fell in love with them and after finding a lovely print of a robin, he decided he was going to buy one. What you probably don’t know about Ben and me is that we have so many lovely prints that we haven’t got anywhere to put them… plus we haven’t even gotten round to buying bloody frames for them yet. There is a large stack of pictures waiting to go on display, but I doubt they’ll ever make it up to the wall. Still, he wanted it — it was a limited edition, after all.

While he was poring over the robin, I had been glued to the spot. A painting hung on the wall, surrounded by other, smaller ones. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was so pretty and lovely at first glance, and then, to look at it again was incredibly sad.

I said to Ben that I wanted to buy it. He turned the price tag over and said that it was an original oil painting… At over £400. I left without it. I went to bed that night, thinking about how beautiful that painting was. I don’t know why, but I decided that I had to buy it!

A couple of days later I called Carley’s Yard and asked them to hold it for me. I paid over the phone and collected it that afternoon. When I arrived to collect it, I was told someone else had been umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to buy it a few days ago. I’d seen it was on Twitter in March and now, all that time later in August, two people wanted it. Phew! My precious painting was wrapped up and it felt like Christmas when I got it home.

It now hangs in pride of place where I can always see it. “Making Friends” is a beautifully sad piece of art by Sophie Colmer.


  1. So pleased you found us and have invested in your first piece of art.

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