We Love Soya!

Just a little bit of love for Sainbury’s Love Soya products. Have you tried them? Contrary to popular belief, they taste nothing like the cardboard that they’re packaged in. I have just polished off a couple of sausage sandwiches for my lunch, in fact (The ketchup on my jumper gives it away).IMG_20140821_131705

And it’s not just sausages that are available. Soya mince, meatballs, burgers, quarter pounders, you name it, I reckon you’ll find it in Sainsbury’s freezers. I think we became vegetarian at the point when Love Soya was re-branded, because I don’t remember seeing it much before (but I suppose I wouldn’t have been looking for it). Having these lovely meat substitutes to hand means when someone asks me “Well, what the hell do you eat then??” I can gleefully tell them I eat toad-in-the-hole, lasagne, shepherd’s pie, burger and chips, bolognese and I can even indulge in a hearty cooked breakfast when I fancy. This usually ends the conversation because they expect me to tell them about the lentil stew I have been cooking for four days, or the salad — the only thing I could possibly be allowed to eat. I’m not even a big fan of lentils, so there.

Now, I can be the lazy vegetarian that just chucks things in the oven for a half-hour, but apparently Ben does like my cooking, so I try not to cook the ‘easy’ meals too often. For instance, last night, we had burritos for dinner. It took less than twenty minutes to cook, because I threw some soya mince in a pan with the sauce and it was cooked. Very tasty and very filling. Tonight (or tomorrow!) I will cook something from scratch — a gravy dinner, for Ben, because they’re his favourite. Speaking of which, Sainsbury’s, if you’re listening you need to make a pasty or something with your chicken-style and mushroom pie filling in it. They are literally the best tasting pies we’ve ever eaten as veggies.

So where were we? Yes, lots of options for us. Not only is there Love Soya, there’s Love Veg, too. Another array of tasty treats that we often indulge in, found next to Love Soya in the freezers (and also the chilled vegetarian aisle). 

If you’re thinking of going veggie, or even doing the Meat-Free Monday thing, why not give Love Soya a go? There isn’t one thing that we’ve tried and haven’t liked, and I think that’s really saying something.


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