My 500 words — What do I want to accomplish?

OK, so this is part of my 500 word challenge, as you probably guessed. But it’s also a way of setting out my goals (as I’ve been advised to do by Jeff in his email). So what do I want to accomplish from this challenge?

Well, the biggest thing I want to do is to actually complete the damn challenge. I’m very lazy and don’t really care much for deadlines I set for myself. I usually get halfway through something, whilst doing really well at it, and then give up. Something gets in the way — I’ve been at work all day, I’ve got the ironing to do (even though that’s always at the bottom of the to-do list) or my best one: I’ve just got to have a sit-down for a while. Well no more, I say! Enough! I’ve just come home from a twelve-hour shift and forced myself to sit down and write this. I haven’t even eaten dinner yet. I hate being a lazy person and I constantly feel like a failure because I don’t have the drive to go out and do something with myself. I’m quite happy to be (as Ben calls it) a coaster. Coasters coast through life, drifting from one thing to another. That’s no good. Not for me, anyway.

So, what I’m basically saying is, I want to complete one thing. Because if I complete this one thing, maybe I can complete another thing. And then if I complete those, I can write the book that is crying to escape from my brain. So if I actually think about it… My goal is to write a book!

How do I do it then?

Erm… I’m not entirely sure. I have tried (as I said in my previous post) to get the words on paper many times, but  I mostly end up getting frustrated. I write one paragraph and then spent the rest of the time editing said paragraph. But My 500 Words is a pretty cool thing to do. It’s quite inspiring to write something as I noticed yesterday — I hadn’t written anything for a while. I had no ideas. Then I wrote my post and an idea popped into my brain about an hour later. It’s like it turned a light on in my head. Marvellous. And that’s what has kept me thinking about this post today. “If I just write a little bit, I might get some more cool ideas.”

I don’t think I’ll use this challenge to write my book, though. I’ll use it as a tool to get my brain into a more permanent “writing mode”. I think I’ll just see where it takes me. I’ll probably end up just writing my stream of conciousness (pretty much what I’m doing right now) and jabbering. Oh well. But then… I may inadvertently write the beginning of my book and it could be the light bulb moment I’ve been hoping for.

So anyway, cut the crap, Jade and just do it. It only takes half an hour of your day — you could do it while you have your sit-down. But turn off the telly and close that Twitter tab.

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