My 500 Words — Early riser

Today’s goal was to get up early. Well, I sure did that. Up at six a.m, rain hammering against the windows, I dragged myself into work. Being a carer means I work shifts — I’m lucky that I only do it three times a week — I’m not so lucky (in my opinion) that those three days are 12-hour days. Never mind, the hours whiz by and before I know it, we’ve put everyone back in their beds and it’s time to clock off.

So I got up early. But I wasn’t able to crack out 500 words in the 20 minutes I had put aside to watch the news and eat my breakfast (A bowl of Sainbury’s “More fibre than fruit” fruit and fibre. I can’t complain — it is in the basics range). I think I’ll get up early tomorrow, though. But not to go to work! And thinking about it, my cats will get me up nice and early anyway because they must have their breakfast — NOW MAMA. NOW.

I like to get up early. Especially at this time of year, because you get to see the day arrive. A stripe of pink will hover on the horizon and it will drag itself across and over the house. A bloody marvellous sight. Every day that I see it I think to myself: “I’m going to get up early one day and do some wildlife spotting. Sit under a tree and really experience the dawn” and I still haven’t gotten around to doing it. In previous summers I have driven past hares in the fields, pheasants darting across the road and all sorts of mysterious creatures. It’s a lovely time of day.

On the other end of the scale, I often struggle to pry myself from beneath the covers of my warm, cosy bed before nine a.m. Feeling groggy, I totter over to the sofa, plonk myself down in front of BBC Breakfast and, more often that not, nod off again until 10. What a waste of a day! I hate it, but I love it. Again — I am an habitually lazy person. Damn it.

I’ll be honest — right now, I’m struggling for things to write about. I’ve spent my day at work, which nobody but my colleagues would find interesting enough to talk about… And I also had a pint of Aspall cider with dinner, so I’m feeling a little sleepy now. My husband, Ben has gone away for the night to a business trip, so that’s left me with lots of cats and lots of chocolate. And the movie The Human Stain. I’m not sure what to think of it. Nicole Kidman is playing a husky kind of woman and I’m not sure if it suits her. But then it is ten years old, so I’m sure she really wouldn’t give two flying fucks as to what I thought of her role in it. On a cheerier note, I did however watch an episode of It’ll Be Alright On The Night earlier. I haven’t watched that for many years and it was hilarious.

Well, hooray! I hear you exclaim. That’s my 500 words up. I’ve managed to jabber for 500 words. I’m sorry. Only another 28 days to go!



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