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BunnyKind is branching off!

To all of the lovely followers of BunnyKind — I have just created a blog devoted especially to my writing. I hope that you will be able to take a look at it and follow it if you wish! Please feel free to visit sometime soon.

Thanks, Jade


My 500 words — An important day in my life.

My 500 words — One important day in my life?


One of the most important days of my life was, as many people will tell you, is the day I got married. It was a very important day, because I finally got to marry my best friend, Ben. It was, however, the most stressful day I have ever endured. We decided that we would take advantage of the change in legislation that dictates the time of day you can marry. Our chosen time was 5:00pm on Saturday the 5th of October 2013. I can’t really remember waking up that morning, or really much of the entire day. I just get bits and pieces when I look at the photos. I just remember thinking that I was pretty much in charge of this whole thing — organising a large gathering of people into one place and then feeding and watering them. I had visions of my cake not turning up, the photographer being a fake and having no flowers. I really wouldn’t be so uptight about those sort of problems on a normal day, but on this day, obviously, nothing was allowed to wrong.

The first thing I can remember doing at my mum’s house was having my hair done in the dining room. My two best friends, also my bridesmaids, were well aware of my rising stress, and tried their best to keep me calm. I really wasn’t nervous about the getting married, I don’t think. It was just all the other stuff. Unneccessary stuff. If I’d had it my way (or our way), we would have had a quiet wedding, but being the only child and a daughter at that, I really had little choice in the matter. Family would spill in from around the country to wish us well. Which was lovely, I have to admit. I love to see my northern relatives as I grew up with them around me a fair amount.

So next, my photographer arrived to watch us all getting ready. This was, as I and my friends were expecting, very awkward. We sat in my old bedroom while a very nice, but middle-aged photographer sat and took pictures of us. “Pretend I’m not here” He said. It’s hard to ignore someone in a 6ft by 6ft square of space, let me tell you.

Rushing around, making sure everyone was dressed and ready, I gave myself very little time to actually get ready myself — I rushed to get into my dress and forgot to polish my nails. I even forgot to put on the silly garter I’d been given. Once I was dressed, I walked downstairs feeling hot and sweaty. I did not feel like a princess. I felt uncomfortable and exposed. My dad and I waited… and waited for the limo. I remember thinking that he’d got stuck in traffic and I was going to be late. And I hate being late. But he eventually turned up. We drove through Colochester to the Town Hall, where we were getting married. I got out and of course, everyone was staring at me. Inside, I got to speak to some family that had arrived and spent time waiting to be seen by the registrars.

Eventually, after going through the paperwork, my dad, bridesmaids and I made our way up to the room and I saw Ben waiting at the front. He looked so handsome in his suit and it made me feel so much better to see him again. I couldn’t tell you what our vows were — I have forgotten them. I worry that I should remember them, but I’m sure it’s not that much of a problem. But anyway, we got married. We made our way out of the town hall and got in the limo to go to our reception.

To some peoples’ dismay, we held a vegetarian buffet… But then they did get half an evening’s free bar, so there. The night flew by — Ben and I shared our first dance — Queen’s You’re My Best Friend (neither of us had ever danced together before, so you could imagine what that looked like). We were due to drive to Scotland on our honeymoon the next day, so we decided that we were leaving the party at midnight — dead on. We spent nearly an hour saying goodbye to our guests — and then we darted.

So what are my thoughts on my wedding day? Well, yes I enjoyed it. But I wasn’t over keen on my dress, my hair was a little bit too ‘wedding-y’ for my liking and I wasted £300.00 on a few bunches of flowers. I don’t think I’d do it again. Not the same way, anyway. I’d marry Ben every day, though. The best bit I think, is catching a glimpse of Ben’s wedding band when I’m not paying attention. He might be driving and I’ll look over and see his hand and think “Wow, we’re married. I’m married to this lovely man.” And that was definitely worth all the awkward photos, conversations and dancing.