On this page, I’m compiling a list of websites that I’ve found very useful or helpful in my quest for cruelty free products.

A few to start with are:  This was our first stop and it’s very informative. I downloaded the Little Book of Cruelty Free from here. This is within BUAV’s website and gives information on where to buy cruelty free. This is a fantastic source of information for any consumer concerned about a company’s ethics. Although you do have to subscribe  (for about £35 a year) to be able to see the full reports, I think it’s worth it for the knowledge you can arm yourself with. I spent nearly a whole day browsing through this website, so I think it’s pretty nifty! This is where we bought our shampoo bars, soap, shower gels and toothy tabs from. I recommend you read “How we’re different” on their homepage. Very refeshing! This is a cosmetics company approved by BUAV. They use no SLS, Parabens, or Triclosan (all nasty ingredients)  in their products. We bought a facewash from them which is lovely. This is what we feed our three little chaps on now. They also have a natural range of food (Joe and Jill’s). Vets Kitchen food has a PETA Not tested on animals logo on the bag – must be good! A fantastic company. Method makes household products; their best (I feel) being their laundry detergent. It’s super concentrated, so uses less water and costs less in the long run. Plus it smells BEAUTIFUL! Their ‘Fresh Air’ detergent actually smells…like fresh air!

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