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Returning from a very long break…

Well, stumbling upon my old friend, BunnyKind this morning, I was horrified to see my last post was in 2012. Two years!? Where have two years gone?

A lot has happened to Ben and me in the last two years; we’ve added two more felines to our collection, got married and even bought a new ironing board cover. So to start, we have two new additions to our home — Lily, who was hit by a car and lost her left rear leg, and Angel (we didn’t name her!), who is a mature lady that came from my mother’s house. We’re pretty sure that when the landlord said we could have “cats”, he probably meant two cats. Now, looking to find another house to rent with the reply “We have five cats… Yes, five.” is, as you can imagine, difficult. But, until we get kicked out, I guess we’ll have to stay put.


The committee in their morning meeting.


Lily. This is the friendliest she’s ever been.


The mature lady, Angel.


On Saturday 5th October 2013, Ben and I exchanged wedding vows and rings and got married. It was indeed a very quick day, and I am glad that it is done and gone. Unlike most young women, I was most looking forward to the marriage bit, not the wedding bit. You know, sitting on the sofa watching Traffic Cops and wafting farts over to your husband who is sat in his pants, dying from noxious gas inhalation. I don’t thrive well on stress, and my wedding day was full of it. Trying to be in control of the day was nearly impossible, even though I had spent an entire week writing an hour-by-hour itinerary of the day. I handed copy after copy to the wedding party, of which only Ben and I looked at. I was so worried about timings and the like that after the ceremony, Ben and I dashed out of the building and into the car, forgetting that we were supposed to stop for some photos… Whoops. Anyway, the day turned into night, everyone except me and Ben got pissed and then we left. I suppose I had a lovely day; the best bit was actually getting married to Ben, though. Then the honeymoon.


Our wedding day — Mr & Mrs Bartolf

Our honeymoon was paid by Father-in-Law and Step-Mother-in-Law and it was amazing. No, we didn’t go to some tropical island or go skiing. We chose a hillside cottage in Acharacle, in very West Scotland. It was a holiday of a lifetime for me. We drove for around thirteen hours to get to our destination (the day after the wedding), getting on a ferry and crawling past demon-eyed sheep on the roadside. Arriving in the dark was probably the best thing we could have done. We had absolutely no idea what our surroundings looked like, and there was no lighting whatsoever to hint at anything. I think we arrived (after knocking on someone’s door and asking where we were) at about midnight and were taken aback at how fantastic our accommodation was. “The Seashell” is a circular house that is open plan and is specifically designed for honeymooners. We bedded down for the night and had a lovely lay-in. I think I was the first to wake, and sneaking a peek through the curtains, I remember being totally awestruck at the views in front of me. A low cloud hung in the air, so it was misty, but all around was a rugged, raw landscape. I’ll never forget that feeling when I opened the curtains.

2013-10-11 11.14.34

The view from The Seashell, Acharacle.

2013-10-11 09.12.03

Ben getting ready to eat our big veggie breakfast.

 We had an amazing time in Ardnamurchan and, being nature buffs, saw lots of fantastic wildlife that we could never had dreamed we’d see. Golden eagles circled above us as we walked through the forests, seals frolicked in the water and best of all pine martens visited us on our last night, feasting on the peanuts we’d left for them. On our last holiday (also Scotland) we went on an RSPB guided walk, where the seasoned guide said she had never been lucky enough to see a pine marten… Ben and I glanced at each other with a knowing smile… We have!

2013-10-11 21.42.26

The elusive pine marten, nibbling on some peanuts.

 So, that’s really all that’s happened over the last two years… Oh yeah, and the new ironing board cover — it was on sale at Sainsbury’s, for £6.00 (how could I walk by?).

But hey, let’s not leave it so long next time.


Mama’s Weekend Off



OK… I just heard the heating come on. That means I’ve got say, twenty minutes. I can see it’s getting a little lighter outside. Can’t be long now. Maybe I’ll sit and wait by the door. Just so I’ll be on time. Nothing worse than a tardy wake-up call. They’d be rather annoyed if I stopped being so predictable. Yes. I’ll sit and wait for the signal.


Right. She should be up by now? Come on… Nobody’s moving in there! I hope they haven’t forgotten. Well. Oh, wait… I heard someth- Oh no. False alarm. But, speaking of alarms I’d better get going. Time’s moving on. I’ll start from a distance. I don’t want to startle them and make them think something’s wrong. I mean, there is something wrong, but I don’t want to make her run out thinking one of us is in trouble. I’m nice like that, you know. Considerate.


Ok, ok, this is getting silly. I can’t wait much longer. And the other two are getting impatient. I’m in charge here and I need action for my brothers! Full attack then…


Goodness, I’m going full pelt now and nothing! I can hear one of them making a sort of ‘psshhh’-ing noise. Was it aimed at me? Well if it was, then come out and say it to me and my hungry brothers! I’ll keep on at your door until I break your will. WE MUST HAVE OUR BREAKFAST!


I’ve been meowing for nearly an hour now. Oh, wait – here she comes!! Quick, if all three of us gather at the door, there’s no way she can ignore us. And if she tries to go back, I’ll push my way in with her. Good grief, she looks awful. Looks as though she’s hardly slept. Wonder why? Oh well, she’s going to the kitchen now. Better go and see she’s doing her job properly.

A-ha! I know that sound… It’s the food cupboard! At last! Breakfast is served. Thanks, Mama. You can go back to wherever you came from. You need some beauty sleep. Or a facelift.

Oscar – My daily alarm (whether I set him or not).

Cat Proximity

Unfortunately, I’m a little dim at times. Once it was explained to me, I laughed.