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Goody Good Stuff Sweets – A Review

I had my first wander around Holland & Barrett’s the other day. As a fairly new vegetarian I had not realised they carried anything other than vitamins and supplements for menopausal women. How wrong I was! Scanning the aisles I found an array of vegetarian and vegan goods I thought only existed in shops on the internet.

As an avid ‘tweeter’ I happened to start following a company called Goody Good Stuff. They seemed a friendly lot and would often do little competitions and giveaways.  They sell sweets suitable for vegetarians and vegans and have no gluten, nuts, GMO, soy or fat in them. I had not been able to find any at my local supermarket so had not had the opportunity to try them. But walking into Holland & Barrett a bright green packet endorsed by a little koala bear caught my eye. There were a few flavours on offer but as I’m tight with my money I decided I would only buy one for now. I picked up a bag of Tropical Fruit along with a few other items which included some vegan mozzarella style ‘cheese’ and made my way home. When I got back I immediately opened my bag of sweeties and was pleasantly surprised.

The wonderful aroma of sweets wafted up my nose as I dived in and picked out a jelly banana. The consistency was perfect; not too squidgy and not too hard. What also amazed me was the taste of these little sweeties! Instead of an artificial aftertaste, they seemed full of flavour and fragrance. Maybe, I thought, it’s because I haven’t had jelly sweets for a while. I was very partial to a bag of Haribo Starmix in my meat-eating days and would regularly pig-out on a bag. But no, I don’t think it was my abstinence from them.

I decided (while I was still eating them) that I would just drop a note on Twitter to Goody Good Stuff to say what a lovely product they have. I did so, and a few minutes later I received a message of thanks and then an offer of some free samples. Well, I can’t say no to something free!! I left my details with them and promptly forgot all about it. But this morning as I was watching the TV, the postman knocked on the door. I wasn’t expecting anything so I sent Ben to see what he wanted. He  came back and handed me a large, heavy packet. I didn’t recognise who it was from so I ripped it open  feeling like it was  Christmas.

Inside was a bag packed full of sweets…It really was Christmas! I dipped my hand in the bag and pulled out eight bags of Goody Good Stuff sweets. Every flavour in the range was included. As it was about 10:00 am I decided it wasn’t too early to eat sweets and opened up Cola Breeze. They are slightly chewier than gelatine-based sweets, but that isn’t hugely detrimental to them. Very cola-flavoured and very tasty. I then went on to try Strawberries & Cream which are very small in size but again, big on flavour. Next was Cheery Cherries; my favourite so far. I adore cherry flavoured sweets and these are no exception. Smaller in size than the ones you used to buy from the corner shop but they smell delicious and taste so. The last flavour I’ve tried is Summer Peach. About the size and consistency of a dried apricot, they remind me of…. Summer! I still have a few more flavours to try but my overall impression of these sweets is excellent.

All in all I’m very impressed with these little sweets and would give them a 9.5/10.