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Five Reasons I Can’t Write Today

The first reason I can’t write today is because I have nothing to write about. I simply can’t find anything worth talking about. I could write about the state of the economy, but I don’t have a clue about that. I could write about what I’ve done today, but I haven’t done anything. Except eat and shower. What about that? My shower was okay, though the plug hole is clogged and I have to rush so I don’t flood the bathroom. But that’s really not worth writing about. Not today, anyway. And I simply haven’t got the time.

The second reason I can’t write today is Twitter. It won’t leave me alone. I would have left it alone, only it’s Friday and I have to do the whole #FollowFriday thing, otherwise I’d just look rude. And it sucked me in. Followers thank me for the #FF, And I say “You’re welcome” and then we all converse about having a good weekend. Which I won’t, by the way. And that brings me on to….

The third reason I can’t write today. Well, I have to work over the whole weekend. Yep. Two thirteen hour shifts, no less. But I don’t like to moan about it. I mean, that’s 26 hours work in 48. I need the rest. I did the housework yesterday so that I had today to relax and do nothing but eat and shower. And watch TV…

The fourth reason I can’t write today is the television. My TV schedule is full, you know. 9:00am is Quincy, followed by a double bill of Diagnosis Murder, then a double bill of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, then a double bill of Criminal Minds. I then have to go back to Diagnosis Murder, and after that I need to watch an episode of Futurama (one of which I will have seen six times before) until Ben gets home. Then I have to make dinner, eat it and watch TV with Ben. Then when he wants to go for his shower, I have to follow him around and generally annoy him until I get bored.

The fifth and final reason I can’t possibly write today is that I have to go to bed at 10:00pm on a work night. I mean, I have to be up at 6:00am… Yes, you heard right – 6:00am! I mean, not only do I have to work 26 hours out of 48, but I have to get up at a stupid time in the morning with it. But I don’t like to complain about it.

So you see, I really haven’t got the time to write a single word today. I’m just too busy.