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Make Do & Mend….With Kindness!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been experimenting with sewing recently. I’ve always enjoyed doing little bits of sewing here and there, but have never had the patience to sit and make something from scratch.

Ben had gone away for a few days to see his dad and I couldn’t go because of work, so I was home alone for a few days. And I’d not long been to see my grandparents who’d given my mother and I two sacks of old bedlinen, so there it all sat, in the corner… Calling me to cut it all up and make it in to something!

I didn’t have a sewing machine, just a small box of needles and cottons, but I made a very basic (and crappy) little bag. It wasn’t hemmed, nothing was straight, and I hadn’t followed any instructions to make it!

In the light of the next morning, I saw how rubbish my first attempt had been, so I decided to look up an easy to do bag. I came across Martha Stewart’s website and found ‘A Sleeper Of A Bag’ which was made from a pillowcase.

Ok, this is my "pillowcase bag". Acceptable to use ... on Twitpic

I spent the afternoon cutting this 70’s style pillowcase up, hemming it by hand and sewing it all back together. It took me an age to stitch each hem, but it was, I feel, totally worth it! It’s not a great fabric to use as a handbag, as I feel it’s a bit outdated, but I think it would work as a shopping bag.

The next thing I thought was “I don’t want a shopping bag, I want a handbag!!” So I rifled through MY bedlinen and found a more suitable pillowcase. I took more care this time, (and I also had a small sewing machine to use) making sure the hems were all straight and I even lined it using an old sheet I’d cut up. Having a machine made everything so much easier (when it worked right) and the bag was put together in no time.

By this time BePillowcase bag MK2... fully lined and stitched with a sewing ... on Twitpicn was home, and had pointed out that if I was to use it as a handbag, it would need to be more secure. I fashioned a small pocket with a button and a larger central one with two buttons from the old sheet. They went on the inside to hide things like my purse / phone / keys etc. They’re a little bit rough around the edges, but they work. And considering I made them from nothing but a sheet, I’m quite impressed!!

Anyway, the reason I’m putting this on my blog is to:

a) Encourage people to re-use / recycle their old stuff.

b) Learn something new, like sewing!

And the most important one…Which is why I was searching for a new bag…

c) Encourage people to give up leather goods.

After I’d turned veggie, I felt so guilty when I looked at my handbag and purse. I felt I was totally contradicting myself by using leather but I didn’t have enough spare cash to go out and buy myself a new handbag. So hey – presto! Make your own!! I even managed to find a beautiful cruelty-free purse the other day for a tenner, so I’m 99.9% there! (Just the trainers to go now).

So go forth and SEW!

P.S I’m going to donate my old bag and purse to charity so that it isn’t put to waste.