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The Blue Shadow

I see you there

Behind my back

Watching every

Place I track


A permanent resident

Everywhere I walk

Enjoyed your company

But now we need to talk…


It’s… just lately

I’m starting to find

You’ve become

A bit of a bind.


So with this verse

I’ll say Godspeed

And leave you now;

I’m off to Leeds.


Your Shadow.


Alphabet Poem

A little writing excercise.


Alphabet letters are very important

Because of the words they help us to make

Could you imagine a world without letters?

Decidedly fake.


Every person must learn those odd shapes

Fingers can’t help when you must make an ‘H’

Girls and boys all over the world

Have to make all their words come unfurled


Infinite possibilities lie in this big list

Jiggle them up, juggle them ’round

Kaleidoscope of letters

Leaping about


Making a word is as easy as pie

Nothing’s impossible

Once you know how to try

Pick out some letters


Quick as you can

Rest them together and

Sound out the plan

There is your word


Upon the white page

Vivaciously bright

Waiting to engage!


Xenolalia is what

You may become

Zipping about where the sun is quite hot!

A Plate of Fear

The lentils of horror,
The potato of doom,
The cruel cauliflower,
The horned Quorn,

You stab at your spores,
And the lack of flesh
Eats at you.

Careless Eyes

Inspired by @RhiannonFox ‘s poetry on her blog, I decided to post an old poem I wrote a few years ago.

Thanks Rhiannon! 🙂

Careless Eyes

He is waiting for her.

He shivers into himself

as the cold spring dawn numbs him.


The watery sun rises reluctantly,

casting long shadows though the spidery trees.

He watches patiently and thoughtfully.


He remembers her warmth next to him,

so safe.

He longs for that comfort now.


Shifting anxiously,

he eyes the horizon

for any sign of her in the distance.



Further out in the bustling city,

on a busy stretch of road

a grotesque and grisly figure

is sprawled on the verge.


Her delicate is neck broken

and her graceful body

now stiffened by rigour.

They abandoned her there,

no second thoughts

for who’s waiting for her.


And they’ll all rush by without a care,

turning a blind eye to her

until she fades away forever.


Soft spiritless feathers

blow in the wind as they pass.